We enlist with professional indigenous translators.

Language translation services is amandatory requirement to communicate with your target audience, especially customers with different perception and languages. You need to communicate in the native language of the target audience for generating an effective connect to achieve your objective.Local people prefer to buy products/services that have a native connect and to achieve this, you need a translation service to connect with your target customers in their native language!  From buying your product to using it or getting support in their local language, they deserve a superior experience with the product that feels local. You need to understand local culture and customer behavior and provide themwhat they want and only then you can expect any growth in terms of sales, customer retainment or brand expansion.

The million dollar question arises, how to achieve this????

If you are in need of any such service, you are at right place!Hams Live is a leading document translation service providerthat can help you market your products or services in foreign markets whereyou may also have to face a competitor. We will guide you through this and help you succeed in this competitive market.

Translation is where it all begins!

We,at Hams Live, India’s leading professional translation services agency,work on TEP Process (Translate, Editing & proofreading). In this methodology, First comes translating the document, secondly it goes to a linguist for editing and correction and finally it goes to another linguist for proofreading and quality assurance check. It’s a full proof method to ensure the document translation is error free and compatible with the local jargon.

We are the premier provider of professional document translation services in more than 50 languages around the world, covering all the major languages of the globe. We accept your source document in any format manuals, contracts, handbooks, training materials, reports, websites, printed materials, prepress files, multimedia presentation, software GUI, help files, etc. and deliver the final translated documents in the same format. Our professional document translation services in various domains including publishing and pre-press activities, website designing, graphic designing, multimedia specialists, software and server engineers enableHams Live to work with your content in any format. All our professional translators are not only indigenous speakers who know to read, write and speak in their native language, but also have an extensive domain knowledge and experience, which ensures aglitch free, consistent output along with usage of convenient technical terms throughout the document which are contextually authentic.

We are one of the leading providers of medical translation services in India. Our medical translators are skilled in using the medical terminologies in all types of clinical documents. Our legal translation services in India,whether patents, contracts or other legal documents, can translate any legal document with maximum veracity.