Audio Video Integration

Audio/Video Integration

Hams Live is India’s leading AV integration company which specializes in Audio/Video Integration techniques, ranging fromsimple wireless music control systems to cinema-like home theatre experiences, to enjoy within the leisure of your homes. A leisure cum entertainment room with integrated audio-video systems lets us unwind and enjoy sports, TV, video games and movies like neverbefore. You don’t even particularly need to have a huge space for such enjoyable Audio/Video experience because we provide AV integration solutions for every client of ours with varied requirements and restrictions!

Audio Video Integration accesses every new Home TheatreInstallation scientifically as per the room dimensions as dimensions and room shape greatly leverage the sound effects of the speakers being installed. Our talented team of architects love our refined computer programs that are used to design the blueprint of the room accordingly. Finally, we fine-tune the audio systems to maximize the performance and deliver the best results.

We, at Hams Live, provide our clients the best optimum audio-video integration products and services available in this competitive market. We have and will always follow the latest systems and technologies in the field of AV integration and deliver the highest standards in the industry. We are committed to provide thebest service to our valuable customers, in order to buildlong-termassociations, through reliable and excellent customer service.