Localization Services

Localisation (L10N), the next logical step post translation, is done to acclimatize the product and product communication in the target market so that it is in tune with the customer inclination of that region without compromising on the International touch.

In International Market, your global communication needs to be localized in multiple languages to connect with thetarget audience and make the right impact. Your website is your interface with the customer. Website translation and localization services in multiple languages is the most effective solution in this competitive international market to attract and connect with theglobal consumer.

Localization is in demand while selling your product in other regions, both from an end user/customer’s  business perspective. Users will always prefer a product that uses their local language and hence it is a good way to connect with your target audience.

Localization Testing For Product & Applications

We, at Hams Live, provides services in more than 50 languages via its image recognition technology that can precisely read characters from the screen. The most time-consuming part of localization testing is ensuring that all text and symbols shown on the screen at thereal time are in the correct language. Localization can be a very critical process and aglitch prone activity since it is very easy for a local tester not to notice a symbol that hasn’t been translated.Our Professionals at Hams Live are ideally suited for localization services.

Software Localization

Software localization is a specialized form of localization service that involves translating software in a local language. Software localization is different from normal document translation as the software needs to be ‘localized’ to the native language, perception of a local area and not merely translated into the target language. We, at Hams Live, India’s leading Localization company works on all types of software. Whether you wish to get the graphical user interface (GUI) of your software localized or you wish to get all the components of a software – including Help, GUI, code comments etc. localized, we can handle that with ease.

Website localization

We dispose of only native translators and domain experts for website localization. We follow a well-formulatedelixir, a multi-tier quality policy that includes translation and then proofreading by another native translator. The project then undergoes our QA check through our dedicated quality team that follows a detailed quality checklist. It has been proven through research and surveys that a website that is written in customer’s language returns much higher sales. Thus, getting website translated into multiple languages is becoming an injunction for most businesses these days.

if you wish to get your website localized into any language, you can simply get in touch with Hams Live and we will provide you with high-quality contextual translation in a quick turn around time.

Media Localization

We, at Hams Live, provide high-quality end to end media localization services for audios, news interactive games, conversations, videos, interviews, television series etc. Our clientele spans from regional media content owners, broadcasters, and media distributors to big production houses and blue-chip corporates.

Our Media Localization services includes-

  • Quality translation and adaptation of scripts
  • Subtitling of audios and videos
  • Closed captioning of Flash and multimedia integration
  • Professional native voice talents casting
  • Film dubbing