Voice Transcription

Voice Transcription

Voice transcription service is a skill which translates communication either in a live form or in recorded form, into a written or electronic text file. These kinds of services are used for legal, professional or medical purposes. The most common type of transcription is from a spoken language basis into text such as a computer file, suitable for printing as a document.

Transcription comprises conversion from voice to text form in the similar language. Transcription services, both audio and video, are a vital part of conferences and seminars. The recorded events of conferences and seminars are converted into text forms or transcribed. Movies are also transcribed for translation, subtitling, voice over, etc.

Our voice transcription services facilitate additional processing of the text including translation of the transcribed text into a different language or sub-titling in the same or different language or even voice over and dubbing in a different language which can be then used for a different target audience.

Transcription was initially a process carried out manually, i.e. with pencil and paper via an analog sound recording stored on compact cassette. But these days, transcription is mostly done on computers. Recordings are commonly digital audio collections and transcriptions are electronic files. Dedicated computer software exists to assist the transcriber in efficiently creating a digital transcription from a digital recording.

Our ideal voice transcription serviceprovidesbelow-mentioned services:

  • High-end voice transcription tools
  • Capability to transcribe from multiple formats
  • Capability to transcribe audio files into different formats
  • Latest audio/video formats supported.
  • Domain Specific transcription services.

We, at Hams Live ,provide voice transcription services in all the major languages of thedomestic and international domain.