Translation – An essential subset of Tourism Industry

Tourism Translation

In the present era, tourism has transformed into something more international and global. Many people dream of travelling abroad and more and more people are being able to realise that dream. Earlier it used to be a luxury to be able to travel abroad, but now with the help of budget airlines and cheap hotel deals, along with interesting low rate travel packages, now even people falling in the middle-class bracket can afford to go for international vacations.

Travelling abroad sounds as fascinating as it actually is, but there are also many challenges associated with it. It starts with lots of planning and paperwork, be it accommodation, visa or travel tickets. Everything should be planned smartly to avoid any problem while travelling. Then it comes to plan the itinerary for the whole trip and in order to make the maximum use of time and money it should be planned wisely. It is very important to keep a pre-planned itinerary especially while travelling to a foreign country for the first time.

Coming to challenges we face while travelling abroad, its worth mentioning that different countries speak different languages. There are numerous languages being spoken worldwide. While it's always interesting to learn new languages and some common phrases, it is practically not possible for us to know the language every time we are visiting a new country. When it comes to the ever-growing tourism industry, translation services play a major role in it. They enable various hotels, airlines as well as travel websites to present their materials and websites in different languages. A professional translation agency can help them translate their itineraries and brochures, which in turn will make them increase their global customer base.

Professional translators can understand travel related websites and materials in local languages and then they can translate them into target languages in a way which attracts more traffic to the websites from all over the world. Tourism-related translation is slightly different than other formal translations as it requires an understanding of local culture and civilisation. Apart from that this type of translation is not very formal and the language used should be easily accessible and understandable. It is a very important aspect of travel-related translation and it should not be ignored. Professional translation agencies provide a human touch to it and make it more attractive. While travelling people want things to be as precise and simple as possible. They want the travel brochures to be handy and informative. Any guidebook should be translated in an artistic manner and important details should always be highlighted.

Another important aspect of tourism relater translation is they should never leave any important detail, it can cause chaotic situation making it difficult for tourists. The details should be handles smartly and presented in an interesting manner to the readers. Leaving any crucial detail can make a negative impact on the travel agency or any company dealing with tourism. Only professional translators can be trusted for translating travel documents with the utmost level of accuracy without leaving any important detail. For example, a local airline might choose to accept the payment in a particular currency, or there might be a certain amount of added tax on the overall price, as per the local regulations. Some hotels might want to take payment in cash, and some want to mention that they are not pet-friendly. All these details, how small they may seem, are very crucial and cannot be ignored. A professional translation agency is careful while doing the translation and their translators specifically pay extra attention to these small details.

Also, any tourism-related document should have a marketing appeal added to it. A professional translator can understand this while translating and can add the marketing quotient in the target language. By doing this the document is not only informative, but it attracts the person to explore more and travel more, increasing the business of the corporation. Neglecting this can cause a drop in the revenue of the travel company.

Any travel agency, hotels or international airlines deal with tourists coming from different parts of the world on daily basis. They deal with people speaking different languages and it is sometimes difficult to always arrange a person who can speak the given language fluently. It is always advisable to provide the basic documents and brochures in a language spoken by the tourist. It not only makes things easier for the travel companies and airlines, but it will also help them to form a long-lasting bond with their customers giving them a chance to grow globally. It will make the customers feel more welcomed to the host country and the company ratings will also increase.

It is highly recommended for travel and tourism industry to hire a professional translation agency in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals.