Professional Video Shoot

We at Hamslive India’s leading professional video and photography service providers specializing in industrial,  360-degree product, corporate, videos & photography We also offer professional commercial videography services at any site in India and overseas.

Hamslive is a video & photography services company providing end-to-end solutions for your corporate HD video film project from the starting stage of the idea to the final product.

Advantage of Hamslive Services

Hamslive is convoluted with the production of numerous corporate HD video film, consultation, shooting equipment’s, filming expertise, providing pre-production and post-production services to a wide variety of factual projects. Hamslive corporate video production services have a team of gifted script writers, proficient editor’s, professional cinematographers and talented voice over artists who have an in depth knowledge in making innovative films which never derogate from the central theme. At Hamslive we have latest systems and application which facilitate the creative team to deliver optimal performance all the time.

Exposition, interviews, montage, reconstruction, archival footage, voice over – these are all the integral parts of the corporate videography services by Hamslive

The type of HD Video Films that Hamslive can prepare encompasses a wide range which is inclusive of:

Corporate HD Video Films, HR HD Video Films, Motivational videos, Marketing HD Videos, Sales HD Video Films

The video & photography services delivered by Hamslive are broadcasted through various media such as YouTube and CD-ROM. Hamslive aims at putting across the message to the target audience with a simple and effective approach, keeping their knowledge level in mind. Experience and professionalism, the two essential aspects of making a providing Corporate Video production services, are in abundance at Hamslive