Multilinual Voice-Over Recording

Voice over is a word most commonly used to indicate a production technique where an actual voice is not broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, film, television, theatre or in presentations.

Hamslive is India’s leading multilingual voice over recording service provider. we have established a broad network of professional male and female endemic speaking voice over talents, professional translators, linguists and voice over directors. Hamslive is the substantial producer of your multilingual voice over recording service. Our team consists of professional mother tongue voice artist enables you to relay the style, tone, and message of your script to all foreign languages with outstanding experience, working on very demanding projects specialized in the different facet of multilingual voice over recording services.

We convey professional voice over services in all major Indian & international languages. We are at Hamslive multilingual voice over recording service company has professional artists who have sound experience in this field. We have all types of voice talents – child, female, male. Thus, depending on your subject and the content, we shall cater you voice samples such as recorded webinars, TV and radio commercial ads, corporate presentations, video games media marketing, training and educational materials, feature films.


Our services cover all aspects of voice over recording services, from the transcription and translation of a script to selecting the admissible artists for the project. The final recording is then delivered in a convenient format following your specifications. We only use professional voice over services who speak the chosen language as their mother tongue. This assures that every word is pronounced correctly and that the text’s implications conveyed using the appropriate tone.


We have the right assets and the appropriate tools to translate convoluted projects and produce multilingual voiceovers. Our team of indigenous speakers are well versed in their respective languages and possess competent voice talent to meet all your needs within the desired time. We identify the right style, accent and pitch for your voiceover project and incorporate it successfully to the target language.