Language Training

People, who frequently enlist into cross-cultural communication, need additional language training and related cultural discussion. Areas such as tourism, trade, technology, media, government, and science frequently have a multilingual requirement. Many times, there are needs of a language education, combined with various culturally acceptable does and doesn’t as well as an understanding of their applicability to the specific domain. As Hams live language training service provider offer training services in more than 50 languages for individuals, organization and government agencies.  This definitely requires professional to be sound in their domain, in the specific language and in the cultural significance. So, our language training service providers have postgraduate degrees along with professional degrees in the mark language and are experienced in teaching.


  • Foreign Languages for Business – Both generalist and domain specific.
  • Big or small classes are available and can be arranged at your organization’s offices or at our suitably located training centers across locations.
  • Cultural Briefings related to the language
  • Advanced instruction aids and training material for an interactive and lively learning experience
  • Technically and linguistically proficient Trainers with over 3 years of experience
  • On time delivery of projects¨ Competitive price advantage to clients
  • Assessment and control mechanism through structured tests and certifications


Our language training service for business is committed to the high quality and uniform training principles. The labs are free to shape their training programs in accordance with the requirements of the local market and language.

Our highly qualified indigenous speakers provide language and communication training in more than 50 languages with the help of training materials specially developed by Hams live.